Conor Rollins Equestrian is currently looking for sponsors and owners. One of the goals of CRE is to produce and compete equine athletes to the top levels of international competition. We are looking for individuals with the same goals. CRE believes that being an owner of an event horse should be an active activity, not just writing a check. We want to design programs with the well being of the horse and owners in mind. CRE is a member of the American Horse Trials Foundation, therefore many contributions are tax deductible. Please contact CRE today and we can get started planning for the future.




CRE travels extensively to competitons around the country as well as spending the winter months in Florida. Along with three day eventing competitons, CRE attends many jumper shows, dressage shows, and local schooling shows. We can actively promote your product or company with advertising, usage, testimonials, and many other ways. Contact CRE to customize a program that is right for your company or product.